June 23, 2023

Chaeban Ice Cream May-June Newsletter

Welcome our April and May community champions!

We honour a real-life community namesake with each of our monthly feature flavours. We believe that our community is full of people who enrich our lives through their daily efforts, efforts we wish to acknowledge.

In April, our local champions were Alana and Angela from Black Market Provisions, with the featured flavour Al Capopcorn. We made a donation of $50 to Dream Factory on Alana’s and Angela’s behalf!

In May, our local champion was Michelle Cameron, the owner of Dreamcatcher Promotions, with the featured flavour Michelle Matcha. We made a donation of $53 to “Drag The Red!” on Michelle’s behalf!

We would like to share our thanks to everyone who had a chance to come into the store and support a great cause.

Wondering what the July feature flavour would be?

July flavour will surprise you!

It is with a seasonal fruit that we have never worked with before.

Any ideas?

Pet-Friendly menu available in store now!

We consistently try to uphold our five core values, one of which is our unwavering commitment to CARE FOR ALL ALWAYS.

Now the Pet-Friendly Menu is available in the store. So, you can get a free dog biscuit or a small scoop of Vanilla ice cream just for $3 for your furry friend.

We believe that these minor changes will make your little friend a bit happier.

And that’s not all! We are working on something else for our little friends. Stay tuned!

Reusable bowls are back after two years

We’ve finally transitioned back to using reusable bowls to serve our ice cream after two years of relying on disposable bowls during the pandemic.

From now on, we will provide you with a reusable bowl and metal spoon for inside eating. During peak times, we may switch back to paper when our dishwasher can’t keep up, but we are going to do our best to make less waste. This is in an effort to become more environmentally friendly and re-emphasize Chaeban Ice Cream’s core values.

Canada Day is coming soon

Canada Day is just around the corner, and we have a gift for everyone!  Check out our Local Gift Subscription, which is specially created to make your local gift-giving easier than ever!

And yes, we have dairy, gluten-free and vegan options!

Love ❤️,
The Chaeban Ice Cream Team