June 13, 2023

We love our furry friends

We consistently try to uphold our five core values, one of which is our unwavering commitment to CARE FOR ALL ALWAYS.

A while back, we posted about a dog in our store on social media, which resulted in a call from the Health Inspector. She kindly informed us that animals are not permitted inside the premises.

While we could simply abide by the directive, we recognized that our furry friends are also valued customers. Thus, an idea emerged: ‘Alright, we may not be able to allow them* inside, but why not extend our hospitality to them as well!’

As a result, you will now find a whimsical sign adorning our door:

Dog Sign

And when coming inside, get the Pet-Friendly Menu. So, you can get a free dog biscuit or a small scoop of Vanilla ice cream just for $3 for your friend.


We believe that these minor changes will make your little friend a bit happier.


Love ❤️,
The Chaeban Ice Cream Team

*All service animals are allowed inside the store