September 21, 2020

To Top It Off

Bowls and spoons are okay, but there’s nothing like a scoop of ice cream perfectly perched on top of a crisp cone.

As a way to say, “Thanks” to our Ice Cream Club subscribers, we wanted to give them an extra special way to experience our premium dairy or dairy-free ice cream options. So, during August’s deliveries we sent out 3,000 waffle cones – both in regular and our new vegan variety – to be filled with club members’ favourite Chaeban ice cream.

Using Zainab’s made-from-scratch waffle cone batter, which features just a touch of sweetness and the perfect amount of crunch thanks to our special press, these golden-brown beauties were hand-rolled by the Chaeban team, with some extra help from Walaa Atayeh, a member of the local Syrian community. Yep, they hand-rolled, with love, 3,000 cones in just three weeks.

This is just a small token of appreciation for a community that has helped us to continue to serve up our passion during these challenging times. If you haven’t checked out our monthly ice cream subscription yet learn more about it here; you never know what we might be cooking up next.

Zainab, Joseph, and Darryl