July 31, 2020

Our Ice Cream Club Delivery is People Driven

Just over three months ago we launched our Ice Cream Club, and since then over 1,500 people have signed up for dairy or dairy-free subscriptions. Considering we were thinking 400 as our best case, this is amazing. But it brought up a big question: How were we going to get all this ice cream out to our hungry customers?

With the “400 plan” Joseph and Mohamad would have done the deliveries with maybe one new staff person to help with driving or ice cream production. But with the “1500 plan” we have had to add three full-time drivers and one part time bike courier to our team. This means Joseph and Mohamad can focus on picking up milk from the farm, grabbing ingredients from our local suppliers, and back-of-house production with the knowledge that those sought after pints are making their way into Winnipegger’s hands.

We also took the plunge and committed to some pretty fancy delivery management software and our first IT person, Aidan. With his knowledge and the new tech we are able to map out routes more efficiently and effectively, along with being able to communicate with customers about delivery.

Being able to connect directly with our club members has been an important part of the delivery systems’ success. To allow time for production and to provide steady jobs for our delivery team, we need to spread the work out over the whole month. We have discovered that our customers are remarkably flexible and willing to be part of this idea if we communicate with them and are responsive to their needs – “I know I said okay to the 21st, but I am now having my parents over Saturday, could you deliver it before then?”  We always like to say, “yes” to this kind of request.

Whether it’s switching a delivery date or putting extra kilometres in their day, our newest team members have been invaluable to our growth and ability to thrive during a time when most businesses are cutting back on labour and service. With some tinkering, we have found a way to deliver our ice cream economically, pay our employees a fair wage, and keep customers’ freezers stocked until next months delivery.

Meet the Chaeban Ice Cream Delivery Team

Chaeban Ice Cream Drivers and Team

Left to right: Mel, Kali, Emily, and Jake

What do you love most about delivering ice cream?

Mel: It’s sounds corny but I love when I deliver to a customer and they greet you so warmly knowing that you are bringing them their ice cream! Even if I’m having a tough day it brightens my mood instantly!

What has been your favourite reaction when someone gets their ice cream delivery?

Kali: The look on kids faces (and adults alike) when they open up the paper bag and see ice cream inside — priceless! A notable delivery has got to be a customer who excitedly showed her ice cream to her parents in Germany, who she was FaceTiming at the time. They were thrilled that Winnipegers can get ice cream delivered to their doorstep, maybe Chaeban deliveries should go international?

What’s your favourite song to listen to when making deliveries?

Emily: GREECE by DJ Khaled feat drake

If you were a Chaeban ice cream flavour, which one would it be and why?

Jake: If I were a Chaeban Ice Cream flavour it would be Mustang Sally. Aside from being both creamy and delicious, I would work to keep ice cream lovers of all ages awake and alert at work, school, and play!

If you want to join the club click here 🙂

Zainab, Joseph, and Darryl