January 26, 2024

Ravi Red Velvet: A Sweet Tribute to a Winnipeg Community Champion

As February approaches, we once again are releasing a feature flavour to honour a local community hero. For the first time, however, our community hero has been suggested by one of you! Back by popular demand, we are making our delicious red velvet flavour, which has been dubbed Ravi Red Velvet after our community champion, Ravi Ramberran.

Ravi is a Winnipeg hero who truly does it all. He owns several local businesses, including St. James Burger & Chip Co., the Four Crowns Inn, and the newly opened Dreamland Diner. All of Ravi’s businesses are focused on community-centred work, from reducing food waste and donating leftovers to building and donating beds to ensure that every child in Winnipeg has a place to sleep. Ravi, through his businesses, has also donated thousands of dollars to a plethora of local charities, including the Never Alone Cancer Foundation, Winnipeg Harvest, the Rainbow Resource Centre, and many different women’s shelters. In 2022, Ravi organized a drive to collect menstrual products with the goal of donating them to Winnipeg women’s shelters and high schools, and ended up donating over $30000 worth of products! Ravi regularly donates money, resources, and time towards making Winnipeg a safer and more inclusive place for all—it’s no wonder he was highly recommended to be our Champion.

Say Hi to Ravi Red Velvet, our dreamiest red velvet ice cream. Made using natural beet-based colours, our red velvet cake is homemade and gluten-free. These delicious cake pieces are mixed into our dairy base, which is then mixed with a homemade cream cheese frosting, resulting in a Valentine’s treat that will truly capture your heart.

In honour of the work Ravi has done within Winnipeg, we will be donating $1 from every pint of Ravi Red Velvet sold to his charity of choice: Sleep in Heavenly Peace. SHP is an international charity with a Winnipeg chapter with a mission to provide every child with a bed. This organization is 100% volunteer-run and builds beds from scratch. Last year, Ravi and his team provided over 100 beds to Winnipeggers in need, and have promised to continue the trend.

We hope you (and maybe a sweetheart) visit us this month to give Ravi Red Velvet a try and help out a very important charity.