April 21, 2023

Chaeban Ice Cream April Newsletter

How we’re using our ice cream to give back to our community

We honour a real-life community namesake with each of our monthly feature flavours. We believe that our community is full of people who enrich our lives through their daily efforts, efforts we wish to acknowledge.
We started this tradition in March with the flavour Beverly Blood Orange which was named after Beverly Suek. Here you can read the full story.
The second part of our idea was to donate $1 from every pint sold to a cause selected by the honouree. Beverly chose Sunshine House.  Last week a donation of $73 was made on Beverly’s behalf.

Thank you to everyone who had a chance to come into the store and support a great cause.

In April, our local heroes are Alana and Angela from Black Market Provisions with the featured flavour Al Capopcorn.

$1 from every pint of Al Capopcorn sold will be donated to their chosen charity Dream Factory.

Stay tuned to find out May’s community hero which will be announced at the beginning of May.

What will the May feature flavour be?

May sees the return of one of our most requested summer flavours – Matcha (formerly Moe Matcha). If you enjoy a green tea latte, you will love this frozen version. Organic matcha powder blended with Manitoba milk to create an unbelievably creamy treat.

Can you make great cheese in an ice cream factory?

We want to be busy year round. We love making wholesome and delicious food in our little factory. We want to create jobs for our staff that they can rely on year round. In Spring and Summer, we can’t make enough ice cream, come cold weather however, it gets a bit slow in the back.
In that spirit, we have spent time experimenting by making several kinds of cheese to see which ones we could make well, using the skills and equipment we already have.
As a result, we have developed products that we are very proud of. And, so far, the feedback and repeat sales locally have told us we are doing well. We hope you have tasted it and agree too!
Even more exciting news – our unique soft feta and classic firm feta have been put into every Sobeys and Safeway in Canada on a trial basis. We are so thankful to Sobeys and Safeway for their support of a new small producer like us. Thank you, Sobeys and Safeway!
If you would like to support our plan and our business, please pick up a container of Chaeban soft or firm feta at your local Sobeys or Safeway during the next week or two and, of course, come for ice cream this summer!

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Mother’s Day is coming soon

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we have a gift she will love!   Check out our Local Gift Subscription, which is specially created to make your local gift-giving easier than ever.

And yes, we have dairy, gluten-free and vegan options!


Love ❤️,
The Chaeban Ice Cream Team