October 6, 2023

Our giant namesake for Peter Pumpkin does things big!

Our community hero for October is Chris Okell!

We continue our tradition to honour a real-life community hero namesake with each of our monthly feature flavours. Our last local hero was a famous one: Louis Riel, spokesperson, advocate, and leader in the fight for Metis rights. In honour of Louis, we pledged to donate $1 from every pint of Louis Lavender sold in August to Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre.

For October, we couldn’t resist making our famous Peter Pumpkin. So the question was, how do we celebrate a community hero that goes with the season? Once we started our research, the answer became abundantly clear…

Our community hero for October is Chris Okell! Chris started the Pumpkin Promise ten years ago after his mother Marietta passed from cancer. Marietta and her son both shared a love for Halloween and found joy in finding the BIGGEST pumpkin they could ever find. Chris made the decision after her passing to carry on this memory of his mother and chose to fundraise for cancer. Hence, the Pumpkin Promise was born. Chris has raised over $50,000 since then, and he continues on this year! This is a BIG deal.

Say Hi to Peter Pumpkin Promise, our pumpkin pie in a jar! The pumpkins used were locally grown, and the “pie crust” is gluten-free. This is a very special autumn flavour that we have been perfecting over the last few years, not to be missed if you or someone in your house loves pumpkin pie as much as we do.

In honour of Scott and Marietta, we will be donating $1 from every pint of Peter Pumpkin sold to Scotts’s chosen charity: A pumpkin promise in memory of Marietta Okell, part of the 2023 Cancer Care Manitoba fundraising campaign. 

We hope you will visit us this month, purchase a pint of Peter Pumpkin and know that you are supporting a great cause while you enjoy this month’s feature!