July 25, 2022

Manitoba Won!

Manitoba Won!

Our company is a product of Manitoba.  Manitobans helped us get started and Manitobans support us in so many ways we can’t even begin to be grateful enough. 

We have always been inspired by the people who support us to try and create the absolute best products possible.  Inspired to create things that Manitoba can be proud of.  After almost five years of listening, tweaking, and testing our ice cream, we thought it might be time to see how some of our signature flavours stacked up against the best in Canada, so we entered some of our flavours in the agricultural products competition at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto.  For those not familiar, “The Royal” is the largest indoor agricultural and equestrian event in the world. It is held each November in Toronto.  For the first time ever in 2022 some of the food competitions (cheese, butter, ready-to-eat meals and ice cream) were moved to June to ensure in season judging instead of during the actual fair time in November.

We were hoping to place in the competition and see our name beside some of the best ice cream makers in Canada in some of the categories.  We sent five of our ice creams to Toronto in June, packed in dry ice.  Industry judges tested them along with submissions from all over Canada.

There were four categories:

  1. Classic chocolate
  2. Chocolate with inclusions
  3. Classic vanilla
  4. Any other flavour with or without inclusions (other flavour category)

In the other flavour category our modern take on a Syrian Classic Abir Al Sham placed 6th in Canada.

In the other flavour category our strawberry ice cream Prairie Barry placed 5th in Canada

In the Chocolate with Inclusions category our Rocky Ricardo placed 1st in Canada

In the other flavour category our Salty Carl placed 1st in Canada and was the show Grand Champion!

We are Canadians and we are Manitobans so modesty comes naturally to us.  Sometimes however you have to toss that aside and just say something like, 

“Holy Cow we just won the best ice cream in Canada Award!”

We won Manitoba!  Thank you so much for all your support, without you this would never have been possible.  Please come celebrate with us this Wednesday evening (July 27th). There will be free tastes of all four winners, free celebration cake for the first 100 people and lots of fun!

Watch our social media for more information.