January 9, 2024

Manitoba Won Again!

Chaeban Cheese Award

WOW, what an incredible way to kick off 2024! We’re thrilled to share the exciting news that four of our cheeses have placed in the top ten at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto.  

What?  Chaeban Ice Cream makes cheese?  What the heck!

While our recognition is frequently associated with our award-winning ice cream, hailed as the best in Canada in 2022 by the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, you might not be aware that we also specialize in crafting a variety of exceptional cheeses.

There are two reasons we started making cheese in addition to ice cream,

  1. We aim to provide year-round job stability for our staff. During the spring and summer, we experience a surge in ice cream production, offering plenty of work opportunities. However, as the weather turns colder, business tends to slow down, and traditionally, we’ve had to reduce hours for everyone during this period. Excitingly, this year, we’re bucking that trend by expanding our workforce!
  2. Joseph wanted to make cheese!  He is after all a second generation cheese maker!

Our cheese is proudly branded as “Chaeban Artisan”. Under this label, Joseph combines his expertise in cheese making with the use of fresh, premium ingredients. Whether he’s perfecting the art of creating smooth, spreadable Labneh (reminiscent of Lebanese cream cheese) or meticulously crafting the wash and rind of a hard cheese, Joseph infuses his work with a passion that his father is proud of.

Our unique Soft Creamy Feta and our classic Firm Feta have been put into every Federated CO-OP in Western Canada under their Gold Program and Sobeys and Safeway in Canada on a trial basis. We are so thankful to have partners that want to support Canadian products and help our company become sustainable.  

Being in the “big stores” does not diminish our continued thankfulness for the local retailers that helped get us started in cheese and who we will continue to work with closely.  We can’t name them all here, but we thank you all!

Here is how we did at the Royal this year:

Our Ricotta Cheese Placed 9th in Fresh Unripened Cheese-Natural 

A creamy cheese with a mild, delicate flavour.  Ricotta is often used in pasta fillings, desserts, breakfast dishes, and as a topping for various culinary creations. Its mild taste allows it to complement a wide range of flavors, making it a popular ingredient in many cuisines around the world.

Our Mascarpone placed 6th in Fresh Unripened Cheese-Natural 

You will not taste anything like this, Our Mascarpone cheese has a velvety, thick consistency. Enjoy in both sweet and savory dishes to add a rich and creamy touch. Perfect for Tiramisu, baking, whipped frosting or topping on fruit as well as in pasta sauce or any dish in place of cream.

Our Soft Creamy Feta Placed 4th in Feta or Feta Style Cheese 

Crafted exclusively from 100% Canadian milk, our Soft Creamy Feta stands unparalleled in its category. Ideal for enhancing the flavours of lasagna, elevating your morning toast, or serving as a delectable dip, its distinctive texture sets it apart as its most intriguing feature.

Our Firm Feta Placed 3rd in Feta or Feta Style Cheese 

No need for elaboration – our Feta shines effortlessly on salads and in Middle Eastern dishes. Proudly crafted in Manitoba, our Feta secured a remarkable 3rd place, surpassing every consumer brand you find alongside us in stores. This achievement is truly an honour!

For those not familiar, “The Royal” is the largest indoor agricultural and equestrian event in the world held in Toronto and represents the highest level of food judging in Canada.

If you would like to support our Artisanal products and our business, please pick up a container of Chaeban Soft or Firm Feta at your local Grocery.  … and of course come to our store for ice cream anytime!

Happy 2024 everyone!