Chaeban | Cream of the Crop
Chaeban Ice Cream offers Winnipeggers a super premium ice cream experience. We're open year-round, serving 14 unique dairy and vegan flavours that we make from scratch in-store.
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Cream of the Crop

Here at Chaeban, we strive to be the cream of the ice cream crop. We want Winnipeg to have an experience like never before when they try our ice cream. In order to achieve that, we start the ice cream process from scratch, ensuring each flavour has premium or even super premium status. What’s the difference, you ask?

Ice Cream Breakdown:

  • Regular ice cream = 10% cream
  • Premium ice cream = 13% cream
  • Super Premium ice cream = 16% cream

Each level of ice cream will end up tasty, but there are two noticeable differences with a higher status:

  1. Creamier texture with more density
  2. Faster melting times

beet ice cream melting in a waffle cone

Ice cream that is made from real cream (and higher quality ingredients in general) will melt faster under the same conditions as ice cream that’s made with more air in the batch. At Chaeban we take an extra step to ensure very little air gets into our ice cream, so you get the creamiest ice cream possible!

Quality, however, isn’t limited to just those two things when it comes to ice cream. It lives in every single ingredient in every single batch made. We start each batch with real Manitoba milk, and because we want to feed you the freshest of the fresh, we get all of ours from Grenkow Holsteins Farm in Stonewall, MB!

Grenkow Holsteins Farm owners with our shop owner, Joseph Chaeban.

After meeting the owners and seeing how they treat their cows, it became clear to us that this farm knows what quality means. We learned a lot on our tour, but from an animal lover’s perspective, the best part was experiencing the cows’ personalities! They are such curious, playful, (and may I say, frisky) creatures, and all they wanted was to be Joseph’s friend!

Dairy cow making friends with Joseph Chaeban







If you haven’t toured a dairy farm before, or any type of farm for that matter, we highly suggest it! At Chaeban, we believe it’s extremely important to know where your food is coming from, and the best way to find out is by getting the information straight from the source. If you can’t make it out to visit local producers, we encourage you to keep checking the blog section of our site, because we love sharing the knowledge we gain when picking out ingredients throughout Manitoba!

Fun Fact

Do you know the difference between brown and black/white spotted dairy cows?

"Candy" the jersey cow holstein dairy cow

Brown dairy cows (or jersey cows) produce less milk (18.8 litres/day) but naturally have a higher percentage of fat in their milk, while black and white cows (or holsteins) can produce up to 28 litres of milk per day!

We hope you enjoyed learning about milk, now we can’t wait to serve you some in ice cream form!

See you in the store 🙂

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